Le Mans Ultimate Opens Early Access

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    Le Mans Ultimate will enter early access on 20 February instead of a full release, in order to give Studio 397 time to improve the game. Feedback from players will be crucial to this process.

    A comprehensive version of the game will remain available from launch day, with tracks, teams, and cars from the 2023 WEC season. The 2024 roster will be added during the year, reflecting the changes in the real world.

    Early access to Le Mans Ultimate will hit simultaneously around the globe, which means that we'll all be sprinting to our cars on the start line simultaneously.

    The game will be live from 13:00 CET until 15:00 CET for those in or around Le Mans. With the race starting at 15:00 CET this year, that gives you a two-hour head start on preparations.

    Those racing in the Middle East can check out the Bahrain track at 16:00 AST, while those racing in Japan can get started at 21:00 JST. In the UK, Le Mans Ultimate begins at 12:00 UTC, and on the east coast and west coast, at 7:00 EST, respectively.

    For everyone else, it's either a late night or an early start. Those outside of Australia need to wait until 23:00 AEST on 21 February, whereas New Zealanders have to wait until 1:00 NZDT.

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