Forza Motorsport Update 6 Is Now Live

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    The most recent update to Forza Motorsport includes a major change to car progression that many players have requested, making it easier to unlock achievements. Forza Motorsport Update 6 is live. This week's Forza Motorsport Update 6 patch notes cover improved AI behavior at the beginning of races, a new Career Tour, and new Car Pass and Spotlight Cars.

    As part of Update 6, Forza Motorsports' "divisive" car progression has been revamped. This update removes the level restriction on all car parts in the game, so you can use parts on any car at any level.


    Credits can now be used to buy Car Points with a ratio of 4,500 Credits for 500 Car Points. According to Turn 10, this change will be implemented in the coming weeks and "gives you a choice to immediately upgrade your car using Credits, or if you're saving your Credits, you can earn Car Points for upgrades through car leveling as before."

    Changing the pit lane exit at Daytona to "address collisions and reflect the track as it is during real-life races" will make it easier for you to unlock the Body Builder and Heart Transplant achievements/ Read the full update notes

    Car Pass
    • Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette #23 Nissan Motorsports 1983 – March 13
    • Toyota 86 TRD SE 2019 – March 20
    • Lexus RC F GT3 #14 Vasser Sullivan 2020 – March 27
    • Lotus 98T #12 Team Lotus 1986 – April 3

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