Forza Motorsport Update 4.1 Patch Notes

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    Forza Motorsport Update 4.1 patch notes cover everything you need to know about Daytona. After Forza Motorsport Update 3.0, Daytona International Speedway was added to the game, but some players had been experiencing problems using it.

    One of the most commonly reported issues was when racers crashed into the tire wall by the pit exit when they crashed around Daytona. Although the developers did not specify why the game crashed around Daytona, they did say that it happened during "certain scenarios."


    Apparently, doing so caused Forza Motorsport to crash. Update 4.1 is available for all versions of Forza Motorsport, and just restarting your console is all you need to do.

    The full patch notes are short, so we'll show them below:

    Version Number:

    • Xbox Series X|S: 1.534.1562.0
    • PC (Microsoft Store): 1.534.1562.0
    • Steam: 1.534.1562.0
    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • This hotfix alleviates crashes in certain scenarios on Daytona.
    Next, Turn 10 will work on Update 5, which will drop sometime in February. Among the things you can look forward to are Car Progression, Forza Race Regulations, and Drivatar AI.

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