Drifting Like a Pro in Asphalt 9: Legends

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    A drifting strategy in Asphalt 9: Legends makes you faster, wins races, and allows your Nitro boost to be used during races as needed. While braking and going slowly might be more effective in circuit racing simulators like Gran Turismo 7, that approach doesn't work as well in arcade games.

    To maximize your speed, you will have to suspend reality and dive into each turn at full speed before drifting sideways. This allows you to go around the corner as quickly as possible without reducing your speed.

    In addition, drifting doesn't cause wheel damage since it isn't a game mechanic. Tyre squealing is also more exciting and cooler than going for a more traditional cornering approach.

    If you have the chance to drift in Asphalt 9, you should do so. That applies to most corners of every circuit in the game, but the ones with the electronic direction arrows are the ones that are made to be drifted in.

    Drifting is a must, whether you're playing offline career mode or online with your friends. You'll find arrows next to each other indicating whether you're about to take a left or right turn.

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