Delabs Rolls Out Rumble Racing Star Mobile

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    The Delabs Company announced today the launch of Rumble Racing Star for mobile platforms; the game will be available exclusively through the Google Play Store on Android devices starting February 1st. Delabs is the web3-focused arm of the South Korean game development company 4:33 Creative Lab,

    Featuring cross-platform functionality, Rumble Racing Star's mobile version will allow users to play it on both mobile and PC platforms. This will connect new mobile players with the game's growing desktop and Mac community.

    "We're thrilled to announce new mobile platform support for Rumble Racing Star, opening up our gaming community to new players seeking an immersive racing experience anytime, anywhere," said Joonmo Kwon, CEO of Delabs.

    Players can access the new mobile version on the Google Play Store

    "Rumble Racing Star is a natural fit for mobile game audiences, and by making it available for Android users, we are ensuring that a broader audience can now partake in our game's adrenaline-fueled excitement. This move not only aligns with our commitment to making our games accessible and fun but also sets the stage for a thrilling new chapter for Delabs in the mobile space." Kwon added.

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