CarX Street PC Release Update

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    Since CarX Street launched on mobile devices in 2022, fans have been waiting for an update on when PC players can play it. After months of silence, CarX Technologies has shared an update on when PC players can play it.

    This year, the Russian developer CarX Technologies announced that it would release CarX Street via Steam Early Access, but no specific date was provided. During the early access period, the developer plans to continue "improving the game for some time".


    Before the early access release, another closed beta will take place for the developer to identify any bugs and improvements. The first closed beta last year allowed the developer to compile a list of changes that need to be made before the final release.

    “According to our rough estimates, we'll need 2-3 months to finish all the necessary work and after that, we'll organize another round of closed beta test which will be a sort of final test before Early Access release,” the developer said.

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