Art of Rally Racing Game Goes iOS Mobile

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    The hit indie racing game Art of Rally has been released on iOS by Funselektor, taking players on a thrilling ride into the era of rally racing. The game has already received positive reviews from 3,700 users and has a Metacritic score of 79.

    This iOS version is expected to deliver the same immersive experience as its PC counterpart and will include most of the PC version's updates. In addition, players can enjoy the game's endearing art style, which captures the spirit and nostalgia of the era.

    The game features 61 iconic cars from the 1960s through the 1980s, challenging players to master 60 stages in various captivating locations across the globe, including Japan, Sardinia, Norway, Kenya, and Indonesia.

    There are several modes available in the game, including:
    • A Career Mode,
    • Time Attack for racing against the clock, and
    • Custom Rally where players can choose the location, number of stages, AI difficulty, and damage level.

    This racing game goes beyond the standard format, letting players choose how they want their racing experience to be. Players can select either manual or automatic transmission, adjust the stability assist, or adjust the anti-lock braking.

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