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Why do you love racing

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The need for speed must be ingrained in our DNA. How else to explain the popularity of racing games? The best ones can put you behind the driver’s wheel of the world’s greatest supercars, custom-engineered street racers, far future vehicles, and everything else in between.


Racing games are never boring, the need to be ahead of all the cars just gets our adrenaline racing.


I love racing games because like what others saying it spikes up our adrenaline and make us feel like we are in actual racing. I really like driving,personally. But I haven't got a licensed yet.


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I think that the need for speed is ingrained in our DNA because we love to race and feel the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Personally, when I'm playing NFS Hot Pursuit, I feel like I'm really behind the wheel, and that adds to the excitement. I also appreciate the skill required to play these games well; it's a lot more challenging than just running around and shooting things.


I love racing because of the element of danger. In real life, I drive as slow as I can because of a constant fear of accidents, arrests, disability and death. However, when I'm playing games like NFS, there's no such risk and I can drive as fast as my vehicle can move. I also love racing in the game because the racing itself may be the major focus but the storyline also makes the racing much more pleasant and thrilling.

In Need for Speed Most Wanted, Razor, AKA Clarence Callahan cheats in a race and nabs your vehicle. The entire journey up the blacklist is to get to him, win and get your car back. This makes you so determined and you savor each and every race as it gets you closer to achieving your revenge.