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What to do after you complete all the missions?

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What do you guys do? Do you play online? Do random stuff.

I usually play online with my friends. Nothing much to do :).


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I usually use online gaming as a way to keep myself occupied. The best thing to do when you have completed all the missions is to just switch games. I usually start playing NBA 2K14 almost immediately after playing Grand Theft Auto V.


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I would probably go on a killing spree until I die or I usually cruse around listening to the radio.


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Play online, drive around, do fun stuff like playing with the Cargobob helicopter that has the hook. But mainly online.

In single player sometimes I also customize cars and try to make them to look as good as possible.


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Hello people, first post!

I seem to be occupied with the Strangers and Freaks missions after completing the Story - but between them, I find myself online with the Cargobob, or my friend challenging me to land planes in the most obscure locations. It's been a specialty of mine since Saints Row 2 ;)

If I'm not online or doing S&F missions, I also enjoy gathering the three protagonists for a shoot out with the police, and see how long I can bunker down.
The only problem is that eventually the other two will inevitably either die or "get spooked" and run off at around 4 stars. I understand other followers doing this, but the three main characters have been to hell and back together, I think they should stick around until it ends... or they die.


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I love to just dick around. Trying to do the most ridiculous things possible, this is especially fun online. Trying to outrun the cops with 5 stars however possible is challenging but fun.


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If you mean all of the story mode, but not absolutely everything, then I think there's still quite a lot to do in GTA V. I would try and complete the challenge of flying under all of the bridges. There are also collectibles scattered around the map to find, perhaps you could look for those! (although hoping to find them all by chance may take a long time). I would complete all of the stunt jumps too or try out some taxi missions.


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I've been a big online player especially since they have given out the Stimulus package worth $500,000. Not really sure what I am going to spend the money on at the moment, I am thinking of buying some property though.


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I generally do taxi missions, medic missions, and run people over to build up my wanted level.

John Baker

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GTA Online of course! The multiplayer in GTA V is definitely the best of any GTA game so far. The fact that you can buy apartments, cars, helicopters, etc. really gives you an incentive to keep playing and earning money. And when you join a crew, you suddenly have a whole bunch of friends to do missions and activities with!


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I didn't touch a single side mission during the campaign so I working on them now. Some of the missions are more fun than the story ones. But as soon as I'm done with all of those, I might as well go back to GTA online. Unless Rockstar comes out with a new DLC or something.


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I love to roam around on a killing spree also. Or just see how long I can survive before the police take me down. (lol) I like to have free roam over the whole map and drive around like a maniac.

The online additions give replay value a whole new level of last-ability in this game.


I completed all the main campaign missions in 5 days because I played like a maniac sleeping only 6 hours and playing the rest. After I completed the main missions I started doing the side missions, race events, and exploring the world.:)


I usually play online or just try to destroy everything.
Completing all the side missions is also a good plan since it helps you understand a few things better.


I usually just go online after completing the missions. I find it fun to also just go on a killing spree and see how long I last. Having a few friends over always makes playing GTA a hilarious experience.


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I like to mess around. I kill the cops, raise the wanted level to five stars and try to mess with the cops and the feds as long as possible until I'm probably wasted, haha not in real though. :p Sometimes I drive along the country side and the highways with a fast car and sometimes I do stunts with a bike. ;)


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Once I complete the missions I'm going to try and 100% it. I'm quite looking forward to finding all the hidden packages and stuff like that. After I have it 100% I will then probably take it online for a bit and try my hand at that. I'm not expecting to get very far though!


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I can't wait for the new heists missions update to come to GTA online; I'm also planning on restarting the game because I'm kinda getting bored playing online.
I agree, after I beat the story mode I usually start my online gaming as well. I also like to do various things such as someone already stated about outrunning the cops and what not. I love to do things like that when I am done with GTA V. Those type of little things and activities keep me satisfied and helps me stay occupied as well as playing online with friends.