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What is interesting about Moto Gp 22

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Moto Gp 22, like all games in the series is very interesting and it doesn't disappoint in upgrades. It has some resurfaced tracks, a more refined suspension system and more realistic tyre deformation which ultimately make the experience more realistic. It has some ridiculously sharp turns which offer a real challenge to racers. The are quite a number of historic riders, seventy to be exact. Minor mistakes in the handling of the bike are paid for dearly which in my opinion makes the game more interesting as a result of its difficulty. The other riders smash into you way more than the other versions of Moto Gp which is honestly annoying to say the least. The graphics of the game are definitely better than in the 2021 version which not only makes the game look better but also feel more realistic. The weather in the game is a real turn off for me and so is the music. If they worked on the music I think it would be a real development. What do you think?


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Sure, this is a great one with improved tracks, suspension, and graphics. However, the aggressive AI and underwhelming music hold it back. Do you think the developers should prioritize fixing the AI or improving the music?