SuoerGears Pushing Racing Kingdom Engine

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    Racing Kingdom, an ambitious Unity-powered racing game that seeks to redefine the mobile gaming landscape, will receive a behind-the-scenes look from SuperGears Games CEO Yasin Demirden. The Co-Founder and CEO of SuperGears has joined 80 Level to discuss Racing Kingdom, an ambitious Unity-powered racing game that aims to redefine mobile gaming.

    In late 2023, indie studio SuperGears Games announced Racing Kingdom, an ambitious mobile racing game universe aiming to revolutionize the mobile gaming landscape and seamlessly merge all genres of racing games into one.

    In addition to the Unity engine, Racing Kingdom uses the Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) to deliver next-generation graphics optimized for iOS and Android.


    In describing the studio's history, the CEO explained that it was established by Yasin and his brother, Yakup Demirden, in 2022.

    "Together, we've had a hand in some pretty successful games in the gaming world. We've been called the Demirden Brothers! Over the years, we've dabbled in various game genres like MMOFPS, horror-adventure, action, and racing, reaching millions of players globally. With more than two decades of experience in PC game development, we decided to dive into the mobile gaming scene by launching SuperGears Games."

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