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How long do you think GTA V will keep you entertained for? I played GTA IV almost everyday for over a year after it came out. GTA V looks to have so much more to do, and I think it could keep me hooked until the next GTA comes out :p


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I always get hooked on the GTA games for at least a year. I don't see why this one would be any different, and it looks to be the best one yet with hundreds of more things to do than last time. I reckon 2+ years.


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I think it'll end up being less than GTA IV was. It always seems to get less and less for me as new games come. San Andreas is what really drained me when it came to the series. I didn't play a lot of GTA IV for hours on end like I did with Vice City. But I'm sure I'll still get a lot out of it, hopefully it gives me that feel of past GTA games, because if so, that'd be great.


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Probably less than a year. I dont play much of the campaign, I like playing free mode and using cheat codes etc. I also like sitting at stop lights...