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Pacific Drive - Review and Release Trailer

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Warner Williams

Staff member
In Pacific Drive, you take control of a battered old station wagon instead of the veritable fleet of supercars on this list. This offbeat roguelike game is based on a love story between a driver and his vehicle.

It's not easy to navigate the winding roads of the Exclusion Zone, but Pacific Drive never lets you down as you dodge storms and paranormal anomalies. Here, you must scavenge crafting supplies, uncover secret government experiments, and reach your garage.

You can take the opportunity of being off the road to get your tires changed and your car tuned up - in no time at all, you'll be in the garage repairing your iron horse. In Pacific Drive, it's all about building the best panels, headlights, and other modifications for your car, though there are also plenty of opportunities to apply cosmetic decals, paint, and even dashboard bobbleheads.