Night Runners Opens Kickstart Account with Steam Demo

Discussion in 'Sim Racing' started by Warner Williams, Feb 25, 2024.

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    There's a Kickstarter for Night-Runners, as well as a prologue demo on Steam that's worth your time. The game takes place between 1990 and 2009, to the music of drum and bass, with VHS filters and on and around Tokyo's expressways. Watch the trailer here.

    It takes you a few attempts to climb the ranks of illegal street racing, improve your reputation, and pay your debts to some unscrupulous characters as you drive around the expressways.

    It even lets you walk around on foot sometimes, in order to chat with other racers or to customize your car - which needs regular maintenance and upgrades as the races become more difficult.

    You can play the demo by visiting Steam to download the demo for free now. You can back it on Kickstarter. They're aiming to have the game complete by May 2025.

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