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Next Level Racing Rolls Out Formula Lite Pro Racing Simulator

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Warner Williams

Staff member
With the launch of Next Level Racing's Formula Lite Pro racing simulator, racing enthusiasts can now enjoy high-quality racing experiences at home. The Formula Lite Pro is the latest addition to Next Level Racing's foldable cockpit series.

“Formula racing has become very popular in recent years, and we are thrilled to introduce the Formula Lite Pro, a foldable cockpit that will allow racing fans to fully immerse themselves in the comfort of their homes. The Formula Lite Pro reflects our commitment to listening to our community and continually improving our products based on their valuable feedback.

"With its ergonomic design and affordable price, the Formula Lite Pro brings the excitement and immersion of professional racing to homes around the world, ensuring that budget constraints do not limit our customers’ enjoyment,” said Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing.

Global retailers will begin selling Next Level Racing® Formula Lite Pro from July 2024, including in Europe (€299 VAT included), North America ($299), Australia (AUD 499), Japan (JPY 55,000), and the United Kingdom (£279).