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New F1 Rules for 2026 May Affect Popular Racing Game

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Warner Williams

Staff member
It has been announced that F1's new regulations will be effective in 2026. The new regulations will bring closer racing and more action to the sport. However, one question remains: how will they impact Codemasters' F1 series?

The F1 technical regulations are regularly updated in order to keep competing teams in line when it comes to performance. The last major change in 2022 was the introduction of ground effect as well as larger wheels and wheel brows.


While these regulations promised closer racing, that wasn't exactly the case. In 2023, Max Verstappen led Red Bull to 19 victories out of 23 races that season and won all but one.

The 2026 regulations aim to achieve what the 2022 regulations failed to accomplish. The 2026 regulations will replace the current DRS system with new active aerodynamics, while combustion and electric power will be split 50/50.

With the exception of the 2022 regulation changes, things have been smooth for Codemasters over the last few years. Car designs may have changed, but the core components remain the same. That will all change with the 2026 regulations.


Codemasters will have to disable DRS, a feature that has been part of the F1 series since 2011. This will profoundly alter how F1 cars function in the games, as well as the active aerodynamics, will need to be overhauled to work realistically.

It is the same for the power unit. Energy recovery systems (ERS) will be changed if combustion power and electric power are split evenly.