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Yeah I like the look on this forum a lot :) You really get the feel of the game and it's easy to navigate. The shoutbox is good but I wish more people used it :)


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I agree. Ever since I joined this forum I don't even miss GTAForums (yes, I am THAT brian).

I hope this one takes off and gets popular because it's very much a more enjoyable user experience, I would love to see this forum take off.


Yes I think that this forum is nice and easy to navigate with lots of interesting and varied topics. I really do hope that the forum takes off and there will be more active members.

Thomas Hall

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I enjoy this site, and all the buttons and functions work. There is no spams which is good to see and also a nice look to the site. The background is suitable and, inviting to people who visit the site. I hope this does get more popular.


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I always felt like this forum had a really great theme and it does fit the genre and topic of what the forum is about (GTA game series) really well. :)