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iRacing and Original Fire Games Forge Partnership

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Warner Williams

Staff member
iRacing has partnered with Original Fire Games to create a new racing game titled "iRacing Arcade." The game is slated for release in 2025 on PC and consoles. The partnership will use a module based on Circuit Superstars by Original Fire Games.

iRacing President Tony Gardner expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing Circuit Superstars' quality and fun. He emphasized that this is an important step in introducing new racing enthusiasts to sim racing, potentially growing iRacing's future player base.


According to Carolina Mastretta, Co-Founder of Original Fire Games, Circuit Superstars shows a market demand for arcade-style racing. She believes that iRacing's expertise and technology will enhance their upcoming game.

As part of the collaboration with iRacing in technology and design, Original Fire Games will lead the development. The game will feature a rich Career Mode and a variety of racing options, making it appealing to a wide audience.