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You won't need to purchase anything other than the actual game to be able to play online. There's a program which you can download which allows you to use an wireless Xbox controller on your PC, or if you have a wired one you can just plug it right in. The good thing about GTA V on the PC over the xbox is that it's way more customizable because of the ability to add mods. Hope this helps :)


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So many games have DLC, but it's usually optional and you can play without it. You should probably get the game on your PC and try it out before you worry about DLC at all. Once you're more accustomed to it, you can look at what's available and consider your options, and decide from there.


I agree with the other members. Online playing does not require you to pay fees for the game. It is not 'subscription' based game. So, you can enjoy the game for free of cost without paying online. The community is also very high rated.


On the computer you don't have to subscribe to nothing, that's one of the advantages. It's cool, because you can also use mods on the pc if that's your thing.