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Grand Theft Auto Comes to Netflix

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Warner Williams

Staff member
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition was a regrouping of existing games. Few fans of the franchise understood the replay value. Streaming giant Netflix will allow subscribers to play the games through its app this holiday season.


According to an X tweet, the GTA trilogy will be available on Netflix's mobile app on December 14, 2023. It will also be available for pre-registration in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store later today. The trilogy combines GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas in a remastered version.

Despite the series being released in 2021, it has not made it big on mobile yet. The games will be added to Netflix's game catalog starting today. Netflix subscribers will be able to play the games on iOS and Android at no extra cost.

Even though it hired Mike Verdu as Vice President of Game Development back in 2021, Netflix failed to push its gaming initiative past its competitors. Offering these games on mobile might be the ticket to Netflix's success in the gaming space. Only time will tell how successful Netflix will be, but the GTA trilogy is a good start.