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    With Gran Turismo 7 receiving regular updates, Polyphony is doing a fantastic job keeping it fresh. When is the June 2024 Update expected to arrive?

    Gran Turismo 7's next monthly update is expected to arrive in June 2024. This will probably be Update 1.49 unless there's a hotfix released in the meantime. Here's what we know so far about the June 2024 update.


    As of now, Polyphony hasn't confirmed a release date for update 1.49. However, GT7's monthly updates usually arrive on the last Thursday of each month. If this pattern continues, update 1.49 will arrive on Thursday, June 27.

    As usual, Kazunori Yamauchi teases the next update the weekend before, so we'll probably see what's in Update 1.49 on either June 22 or 23.

    A typical monthly update includes three new cars, GT Cafe Menu Books, Scape photo locations, and World Circuit Events. The May update was more comprehensive than usual, which means that the June update may follow the same pattern.

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