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    The Arcade-style racing title Wreckreation looks to be one of the most enjoyable games of the year. It features an open world where stunts and crashes are not only encouraged, but rewarded.

    This game comes with a track-building mode, so you can create the most insane courses possible. The crash physics are not only awesome, they are helpful as well.


    Wreckreation Data

    • Developer: Three Fields Entertainment Limited
    • Publisher: THQ Nordic
    • Genre: Arcade racing
    • ESRB: rating pending
    • Release Date: December 2024
    In the game, you can customize the looks, performance, and engine note of each vehicle. They aren't officially licensed, but they look suspiciously like real-world cars, such as Mustangs and Chargers.

    This game is a must-have for Burnout fans, as it offers 16 genre-specific radio stations and an ability to tap into a Premium Spotify account.

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