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Warner Williams

Staff member
In December, Playground Games will delist Forza Horizon 4 from all platforms after just six years. In the meantime, the game's downloadable content (DLC) will gradually be delisted, starting December 15

Delisting will impact Series 77 of Forza Horizon 4, scheduled for July 25. It will be the game's final series, and players will have access to a Festival Playlist until August 22. After this period, players will no longer be able to unlock achievements from the Festival.


Not all is lost, however. Even after the game's delisting, players who already bought it will still be able to play it online and offline. Physical copies of the game will also remain playable after the delisting,

It's sad to see Forza Horizon 4 go. It has captivated racing enthusiasts worldwide with its immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and expansive open-world environment. However, fans can resort to its successor, Forza Horizon 5 which is available on all platforms.