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Ever Tried Pacific Drive - Don't Be Scared

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Warner Williams

Staff member
Speed, wheels, engine. That's what racing is usually about. Yet this racing game is not so much about how fast you can go. Pacific Drive is about survival.

Think about your Speed movie in which you can not stop your vehicle, and you will be closer to the real drift of this unique game. The only difference is you are up against supernatural beings. You won't leave your car unless it is absolutely necessary. As you race across each highway, you will find a new world opening up to you, unlike anything you have seen before.

This survival racing game has an abandoned garage as its operating base and an old station wagon. Each time you leave your base, known as the Olympic Exclusion Zone. the map changes and you face different foes and challenges as you drive along.

The worst part is to get stranded and you must now make it on foot. This is where it will become a haunted site and even frighten you. The only difference is its cleaners - no mucky. blood-filled scenes.

This is an almost spooky racing game that pits your driving skills against supernatural foes. You earn points and powers as you conquer and reach each level,

Pacific Drive is developed by Ironwood Studios and was released earlier this year.