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Does GTA Online Have Too Many Modes In It?

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Todd Black

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Why can't I find someone to play with in some of the modes in GTA Online? Isn't the game full of players?

There's nothing wrong with having a big game. However, there may be a problem with having too much in that game to play. This seems to be a problem with GTA Online, for as Kotaku notes, there's a lot of game modes in the beloved title that very few people play anymore.

The writer noted he waited 20 minutes to try and get a match going for Tiny Racers, but couldn't find anyone. Which is odd, because the game just had its most active month on Steam. So what's going on here?

Have you tried to play a game mode but not be able to because no one was around to play with you?
Even on PlayStation 4, there are loads of problems when trying to find people to do a certain game mode. The problem, like you said, is that the game just has way too many modes right now which has divided the whole of the Grand Theft Auto Online community. A lot of other games try to avoid this as much as they can because dividing the community is just bad so it seems weird that Rockstar has done such a thing.


I don't see the problem here. If you can't find players in a certain mode, just try other ones or play with friends. Having more options is always good, and this was Rockstar's first proper attempt at GTA MP so they had no idea which modes would become popular with players and which would fail/die.
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There is no doubt that there are a lot of modes in GTA. I love to play the multiplayer mode. I never got bored from GTA while playing it with any mode.


I think playing with friends is lot better option. i mean you don't have to worry about lack of online players. We are yet to get into AI. And otherwise we would have pool of online players.