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Crescent Country Comes to Steam and Xbpx

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Warner Williams

Staff member
Crescent County, a life simulation and racing game set in an open-world delivery environment, was announced by Electric Saint for Xbox 360 and PC via Steam.

Crescent County
is a delivery life simulation game where you move to a witch-tech island and explore its painterly open world on the back of your scrappy, souped-up motorbroom! Make deliveries to the locals, trick out your broom, and race your new friends (and crushes) in this joyful, cozy-with-bite, slice-of-life game.

Key Features
  • Help the Locals – During the day you’re a motorbroom courier: delivering packages, herding sheep, and fixing leylines. Help the locals and get to know their struggles and endless drama (plus earning yourself a little bit of cash). Plan your day by picking your jobs and broom setup, and then zoom around getting things done!
  • Upgrade Your Boom – After you’ve made some money, head down to Bo’s workshop to upgrade your motor room and make it your own! Replace parts to improve your broom’s handling, top speed, gliding ability, or carrying capacity (plus make it look cool as hell). Pop some Sigil Stickers on it to enable special powers such as Phase Shift and Time Rewind. The better your broom is the more jobs you can do, and the more gossip you can uncover.
  • Find (and Flirt With) Your Buddies – Play as Lu, a messy young adult, figuring yourself out. Get to know a chaotic cast of characters, and argue, flirt, date, and discover your found family in the island’s punk motor room subculture.
  • Race Your New Friends – Bo and Aster got you into motorbrooms, now it’s time to race them! Use your customized motorbroom to challenge your new friends. Discover shortcuts on ancient leylines, boost through wind turbines, and sprint through abandoned power stations in rebellious, secret races to impress your rival/massive crush.
  • Make Your Place Home – Move into your cousin’s sad, empty flat and collect furniture from the locals to scrap together a cozy new life for yourself on the island. The better your home is, the more activities you can do with your new friends. Can’t have a dinner party with a table, or a date without a couch!