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Best Portable Gaming System?

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So, what do you think is the best portable gaming system? Why?
I really want to know.
Right now I am sorta stuck on the Nintendo 3DS. You can play games on the go, of course. But you can also take and edit photos in 3D. And the 2.4 GHz isn't too shabby either. I am a little disappointed that it is not Bluetooth enabled, but, hey, that'll give 'em something to do next version, right?

I mean, it is pretty awesome just as it stands. It handles games really well and they look fantastic. I'm pretty happy but if anyone wants to turn my head, go ahead and give it a shot. You got anything better?


3DS is definitely the best so far. Oddly, it's the one I've played least despite owning it for roughly as long as I did my gameboy. I think 3DS games require too much commitment, so I hesitate before starting to play one.


Besides physical features and capabilities, I would agree that PSP Go is best probably because I am a long time fan of PS. Anyways, please do share.
Depends what you mean by best. Objectively, the Vita is the best because of its graphic capabilities. But, it doesn't have the best variety as far as game choice. I would have to say it's between the 3DS and the PSP/PSP Go.


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In spite of the fact that not all former clients of the DS would require an upgrade, the DSi is a high-powered and confidently conscious portable gaming system.


In the classic realm of things, a Nintendo DS would be a perfect choice, compact, loads of new games and classic old games and a nice design as well. Right now, I really do recommend the PS Vita, there are fairly decent games and nice format as well. The touch screen feature is awesome and the nice wi-fi connectivity is amazing. Although the PS Vita is expensive, you might go with Nintendo DS. Whatever your pick, it's still really cool.

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It's a hard choice between the PS Vita and the Nintendo DS. I love both consoles. But if I'd have to choose only one, I'll go with the Nintendo DS. I feel that the DS has more great games in its library than the PSP. It has Phoenix Wright, Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Nintendogs, and a slew of other innovative games.


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I haven't played DS or Vita that much, but I've played and worn out my PSP so much that I at least have to give it a vote. I used to always bring it with me and made sure to stock up on different types of games that I could entertain myself with either for short or long periods of time. The only thing I really wanted them to improve on was the online browser, other than that I consider PSP to be pretty much almost perfect.


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Personally, I like the PS Vida.

It's a very capable for a system that fits in my hand. The game library is small but really well curated. The battery has a great charge. I've had the Vida for over a year now and my only complaints are that I need to be connected to the internet to play Playstation Plus games. That can be aggravating.

All in all, a solid system.


The Vita is nice and all but the game library is still crap and its been out for ages. The 3DS on the other hand has loads of awesome titles coming out this year. The 3DS is pretty much not only the best portable hand held atm but it's pretty much the best gaming console at all until these are company come out with some new games.


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I've always been incredibly biased towards console gaming, so for me it's always been the DS-- although I didn't particularly care about the touchscreen part (though it was often a useful feature) it just seemed like the best way to take console-worthy games on-the-go.


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The best portable gaming system for me will have to be the Nintendo 3DS, the games that are available currently are really enjoyable, the Nintendo eShop even allows you to play Virtual Console game which are really fun. Nintendo has always been weak on their systems' hardware specs, but their games are awesome, there's a huge gaming library consisting of Nintendo DS games (backwards compatible). The're so many great games releasing in the near future, the Nintendo 3DS will reign over the PS Vita when it comes to the gaming library. The Nintendo 3DS will not only be my favorite portable gaming system but I prefer it over any home console at this current moment.


I am hearing a lot of good reviews about 3Ds. I am not a fan of portable gaming, but I liked PSP when I played on one.


I like PS Vita a lot, because it is a very capable system. I also like playing on the 3DS which a friend of my owns, because I like a change of systems from time to time.
I think the Nintendo handhelds have always been better, so right now that would be the 3ds. People sometimes smack talk Nintendo's consoles, but their handhelds have always been on point. It's also the only way to play Pokemon!


I would say PS vita, but it seems like Sony has abandoned it as its library is still pretty small considering how long ago it was released. I really wish they would pick up on it and emulate what Nintendo has done with their portables.
Also with the Sapphire/Ruby remakes coming out for 3ds, everyone should go check it out if they don't already have a 3ds to play with.