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I wouldn't call myself addicted, but the game is pretty darn fun. I could play it for hours on end, but I have too many other obligations to take care of. I guess I'd be addicted if I had tons more free time!


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I wouldn't say addicted, but the GTA series is still the only video game series that I will buy blindly every single time. Rockstar has more than earned my money given their history and I still look forward to their releases like a little kid every single time. I don't game as much as I used to, but GTA is that one series that can get me in front of the TV and keep me there for hours on end. They make me feel like a kid again, and that is pretty rare.


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Yes, I'm a little to addicted to GTA 5. I've sat down in front of the T.V at 8 P.M and end up going to sleep at about 1 o'clock in the morning just trying to make money. I really don't get why Rockstar would make the missions harder, and make them have a lower payout. It just causes more people to cheat.


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My whole entire family is addicted to GTA V, it was my game to begin with but i've played it maybe 3 times, and they hog the PS3 24/7, and it drives me CRAZY.. But how do you get unlimited money, and nice cars & stuff?


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I wouldn't say addicted really but I find myself enjoying the game a whole lot, like any other sand box games. I think I spend almost 2 hours of my office day playing the game during breaks or when I need to take a breather.


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I used to play GTA all the time, and it was actually the first video game I've ever played (back in the late 1990's early 2000's.) Recently I have been playing Vice City and San Andreas quite frequently but it is still not as much as I used to - a couple hours or so every week.


I used to be so eager and enthusiastic in playing GTA everytime I turn on the pc, but I guess as I got older I have mellowed down, and the interest waned a bit and was diverted to other things. But I still like to play the game though.
I wouldn't really call myself addicted. I mean, I have fun playing GTA from time to time, but I'm able to control myself and take breaks when I have to. GTA is fun, but it's not addicting, at least in my opinion.


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It truly is addictive, i normally play in my free time but once i start playing it, its really difficult to stop.


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I would definitely say that I am addicted to GTA. My favorite thing to do is to see how fast I can escape the cops. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it goes pretty awful. But either way, it's still fun!


I'm not really addicted, I play casually due to the lack of free time that I seem to have these days.

Agreed. As a mother ,I have a lot of obligations so I don't have as much free time to play GTA as I'd like. If I played GTA as much as I want, dinner wouldn't get made, the bills wouldn't get paid, the house would be a mess and it would be anarchy around here.
Maybe when my kid goes off to college, I'll have more free time for gaming.


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GTA for me has always been one of the best game franchises, GTA 5 took it to a whole new level with multiple protagonists and the general Hollywood movie feel of the Game. The addition of GTA:Online was great because it gives us more to do and keeps us playing a lot longer than previous releases.


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Yes, I am addicted, and I get easily addicted to any game, GTA even more so. That's why I had to sell both my console and games including GTA, cause it was taking over my life and made me feel tired all the time. Probably I don't have as much self discipline as others.


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I would not say that I am addicted, but I do end up playing Grand Theft Auto Five at the end of my Xbox sessions. Sometimes I just do not feel like getting into a games story mode or intense online battles. Grand Theft Auto lets me just play at my own pace and just going killing sprees and rampages. And if I need a bit more entertainment I can go online and chill with my friends.


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I'm only addicted when I actually find myself playing it, but usually I go a month or two without playing GTA at all, when I do though... oh man, I play for 12 hours straight. Then the cycle starts all over again.


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Yes, I have been addicted to Grand Theft Auto 5 since it came out. There is so much you can do which you would not get bored from. My favourite is going online and playing multi-players.