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    Robbing stores?

    I think it is cool, but it can get repetitive after you do it too much. As long as you don't rob stores all day, it can be fun to a rob a store in GTA, and then just drive away with dozens of cop cars chasing you, and you trying to get away with your money you just got. I also can't wait till...
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    What would you be playing if GTA didn't exist?

    I would be playing games like ArmA and Red Orchestra 2. I love racing games, and I love FPS games. So I would also be playing more of Grid 2 and maybe some free to play racing games. I don't really have that much money to spend on racing games so I would probably only be playing a handful...
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    Do night scenes in racing games distract you?

    I don't find that night levels distract me, I like not being able to see everything. It adds to the suspense of games, and makes it much more interesting than just drive as fast as you can from point A to point B. CSR racing, I have played it, but I don't have any problem with seeing anything on...
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    GRID 2 is part of the newest Humble Bundle

    Im loving these humble bundles, you can get really good games for cheap. It is only 5-6 dollars to beat the average and get Grid 2, so this is a deal no racing game player who would like Grid 2 can afford to miss. The Insurgency 4 pack for 1 dollar is an insane deal that I don't even know how...
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    Drag racing games bore me

    Drag racing games on mobile and such generally only appeal to me for the first few hours. After that I get tired of it and just stop doing the drag races, It is just driving in a straight line and shifting gears periodically, nothing really amazing or engaging. I hope I can find a good drag...
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    Do You Think That You Would Survive?

    If everyone in GTA had to survive at once, I think it would be possible to survive for awhile. Everyone would know it would be extremely dangerous to leave their houses, so it could end up that everyone just cowers in their houses and nothing really happens. It wouldn't be as safe as real life...
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    If you could have only 1 Racing game, what would it be?

    For me, I would only have GTA, It is the best racing game in my opinion, because you can do so much in it other than racing. In fact, im not even sure if it really qualifies as a racing game, but I guess it does because it is on this forum. What would your only racing game be?
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    If you could make a racing game..

    I would make a racing game where you would have to lean out the window and shoot your opponents and stuff. But the catch is, when you lean out the window, you get much less control of the vehicle. So if you are always shooting at your opponents, you could easily lose control of the vehicle. The...
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    GTA V's representation of vehicles vs. the real thing

    The handling and driving of the vehicles isn't that superb, but it is good enough for what it is. One thing I don't really like about GTA V, is that it tries to be jack of all trades, but it is a master at none. It's driving will never be as good as forza, its flying will never be anything like...
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    First person trucking looks awesome

    First, the trucking looks amazing, but the cabin is a little bit low detail on the textures. Maybe I am being spoiled by Euro Truck Sim 2, but I hope the interiors are better for the PC version. Second, the trucks stop and start a bit too fast, at the beginning of the video, you can see the...
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    Let's debate about the expected requirements

    I hope they learn from their last mistake with GTA IV. If they make a good port this time, a budget PC build should be able to run the game just fine, I am talking about something like a 750ti+g3258. My current build is an i5-3330 and a 7850, and I am confident that I will be able to run it on...
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    How is the racing in GTA V?

    The one thing I request for GTA V racing is a speedometer. That would allow you to compare the speeds of vehicles much more easily, so you can see which vehicle you should pick for your primary racing vehicle. I also like the GTA style races where you can shoot at the other cars, it really mixes...
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    Helicopters or Airplanes?

    What air transportation do you prefer, helicopters, or airplanes? My opinion is that I prefer airplanes whenever I can, because they are much more fun and cool. I only use a helicopter when I have to, when where I am going doesn't have enough space to land a plane, or doesn't have a runway. My...
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    GTA V for PC will have first person view

    I am so glad that the PC version will include first person. We deserve some extra features for having to wait so long for the release. I love first person, and I can't wait to see some first person only servers on the PC, and also hope to see some other extra features because of the long wait...
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    Reasons you like the game?

    I like the game because of the large, open-world map. There is no quest line telling you exactly what you have to do, you just do whatever you want. You don't have to do the story, it is just there if you want to do it. You can still enjoy the game without doing the things you are "supposed" to...