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  1. Hova

    Media: Start Sim Racing for CHEAP in 2021 (Buyers Guide)

    It's a really good guide.
  2. Hova

    Media: Gran Turismo 7: Tracks - Official Behind The Scenes

    Mad Props to GT7 creators because it looks exactly like the real thing.
  3. Hova

    Media: NASCAR 21: Ignition - Reveal Trailer

    It's so realistic. They definitely outdid themselves when it comes to aesthetics.
  4. Hova

    Media: The History of Need for Speed

    I don't think there is a single gamer who hasn't played NFS: Hot Pursuit. This is the first NFS I fell in love with.
  5. Hova

    Media: RiMS Racing - The Bloody Beetroots Collaboration

    I'm gonna have to check out Rims Racing. It looks cool.
  6. Hova

    Media: MXGP 2020 - First Look Gameplay - How Good Is It?

    It looks really good.
  7. Hova

    Media: Mario Kart Shouldn’t Be THIS Competitive

    This is new to me bro.
  8. Hova

    Media: DIRT 5 | Wild Spirits Content Pack | New Ford Bronco & More OUT NOW!

    Dirt 5 is looking goooooood. Mad respect for the creators.
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    Media: Racing The World's Fastest Player On Five Tracks - Monster Energy Supercross 4

    Those guys are pretty fast. There is no way of catching up with them.
  10. Hova

    Media: 2022 ANAHEIM 1 in Monster Energy Supercross 4!

    The physics are amazing. I can't wait to try it.
  11. Hova

    Media: F1® 22 | Great Britain Hot Lap

    The physics are amazing. It handles pretty well.
  12. Hova

    Media: F1® 22 | Original Game Soundtrack (Behind the Scenes)

    They've mad talent. Respect.
  13. Hova

    Media: MotoGP 22 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Testing/New Team

    That looks amazing if I do say so myself.