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F1 2017 Game ANNOUNCED! - Classic Cars, Release Date, Career & More!

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May 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM
Posted by RGC Admin
FINALLYYY! The F1 2017 Game has finally been announced! And with it, confirmed are Classic Cars in F1 2017, Release Date & much more! Hopefully F1 2017 Gameplay will drop soon! :D
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In this video we look at the new F1 2017 Game Announcement and Reveal Trailer for the F1 2017 Classic Cars! Classic cars are BACK!!!
The Mclaren MP4/4 driven by Prost and Senna, the Ferrari F2002 driven by Schumacher and Barrichello and the Williams FW14B driven by Mansell and Patrese have been revealed as 3 of 12 Classic Cars in the new F1 2017 Game!
The new in-depth Career Mode is given a small mention, with Classic Cars being confirmed to be baked into the Career Mode as Invitational Events in the F1 2017 Career Mode experience. Some tease of new Championships game modes and new Multiplayer modes are given and it's confirmed that there are four alternative circuit layouts for the game, to give it variety.
Release Date: 28th August 2017! Day One copies get the Mclaren MP4/4 exclusively as the F1 2017 Special Edition copy. DLC purchased after can get this car as well. F1 2017 is coming, and with it, F1 2017 Classic Cars!
Hopefully more details on the F1 2017 Career Mode soon! :)
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